Service Charter

Nearby the Tenuta San Vito you can go horse riding and play golf or tennis.

  • Noise and safety: In respect of the other guests, we kindly ask you to avoid making noise, especially during the hours of rest. Please keep the windows and doors locked when you are not in the apartment in order to avoid any possible thefts.

  • Water: As water is becoming ever more precious, we kindly ask you to avoid any waste.

  • Swimming Pool: The pools open in May. Opening hours are from 8.00 to 20.00. Their dimensions are 6 x 12 m and they are from 1 m to 2,20 m deep. Children under 14 years must be accompanied by adults. Diving is forbidden. For a safe bath we recommend that you wait 3 hours after lunch. Showering is required before taking a bath and also recommended after. WE KINDLY ASK YOU TO SANITIZE YOUR FEET WITH THE APPROPRIATE PRODUCT PLACED AT THE ENTRANCE OF THE SWIMMING POOL BEFORE ENTERING IT. A first aid kit is located in the laundry area. THERE IS NO LIFEGUARD. For your own personal hygiene, please put your towel on the sunbed.

  • Electricity: POWER 220 Volt. It is strictly forbidden to use any kind of device for heating food, any heaters or lighting devices of any sort using resistance electricity or using solid, liquid or gas combustible fuel, to keep or store inflammable substances.

  • Heating: We kindly ask not to touch the boiler for any reason. Thermostats in each apartment can be fixed to the desired temperature. For any problem please call the office or servicing at the mobile phone.

  • Kitchenette: Cooking utensils and the kitchen must be left as clean as you found it upon arrival.

  • Refrigerator: For a good functioning of the refrigerator keep the thermostat between 1 and 2 . We kindly ask you to switch the refrigerator off before leaving the apartment.

  • Garbage: Garbage cannot be left in the apartments. Our guests are kindly requested to separate garbage using the special containers located outside each building.

  • Sofa: Food and drinks can damage the sofa. We kindly ask you to pay attention so that following guests may sit on a clean sofa.

  • Mosquito net: Must be handled with care. For any difficulties, please call the office for assistance. Considering the high cost for repairing a mosquito net it will, if damaged, be charged on the guests’ account. Please note that small insects like bees, ants, mosquitos etc. are part of the country life. We recommend that you apply a natural anti-mosquito lotion/spray in order to protect your skin without emitting toxic substances to the air.